CB 6000 Chastity Device - Sissy Maid Training

CB 6000 Chastity Device - Sissy Maid Training

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The CB 6000 provides the heavy click of reassuring control that is associated with chastity, both as a fetish enjoyed by many in the power exchange/BDSM scene and also by those men who just want someone else to be control of when they are allowed to orgasm.

Made from polycarbonate, the CB-6000 is lightweight and extremely durable. The cage portion has vented slots for hygiene and natural drying, which allows you to wear your chastity device at all times. We do recommend that you apply some silicone lube between the slots with a cotton bud after washing/showering, to allow the penis some movement whilst caged and avoid friction lesions

Fits via rings that hold not only the penis within the tube but also fixed behind and in front of the scrotum to keep it locked in place by a padlock.
For distance play, why not try some CB Plastic Numbered Tags instead of a lock? Available separately.
Padlock and key may vary from one illustrated
NOTE: Some men have a high/tight ball sack. If this is the case it may take a little longer to get a comfortable exact fit. For the best results the ball sack should hang slightly below the ring and the cage portion. A period of stretching of the ball sack may be necessary