Chastity Devices

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  • 10 Pack of Locks for Chastity Devices
    The ten pack of plastic locks with individual serial numbers is very useful for locking chastity belts. They're compatible with the CB2000,CB3000 or Curve. The individual serial numbers ensure that the wearer is wearing the same lock that they started with. It also allows the non-metal chastity devi..
  • BON4 Silicone Male Chastity Device
    BON4 Silicone Male Chastity Device is made from top grade silicone. And comes as a classic two-piece cage with three different sized rings.  The silicone is soft but strong and is very lightweight, it can cope with the challenges of everyday use. It flexes with your body movement. ..
  • CB 6000 Chastity Device - Sissy Maid Training
    The CB 6000 provides the heavy click of reassuring control that is associated with chastity, both as a fetish enjoyed by many in the power exchange/BDSM scene and also by those men who just want someone else to be control of when they are allowed to orgasm. Made from poly..
  • CB-6000s Male Chastity Device Kit (Short)- Sissy Training
    <span class="\" apple-style-span\""="" style="\" font-family:"="">This is the shorter version of the best selling male chastity device.The New Innovative ring design consists of three interlocking pieces that fit together like puzzle pieces. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The..
  • Chrome Chastity Cock Cage
    Put your Sissy on lock down with this Chastity Cock Cage! With a unique design, this cage will allow them to pee without having to take off the cage.Made from chrome plated steel, there is no escape once locked into place. First ring 45 mm and cage entrance opening is 35 mm. Padlock and key may v..