Fetish Masks

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  • Extreme Latex Ball Gag Mask - Sissy Training
    The Fetish Fantasy Extreme Latex Ball Gag Mask is perfect whether you require a ball gag, hood effect mask, latex material to satisfy, humiliation or just a bit of peace and quiet from your submissive/partner! Easy to fit over the willing victim's head being in half hood style (so perfect for hood b..
  • Latex Gas Mask
    Black gas mask with separate filter. The head strap is individually adjustable ..
  • Latex Gas Mask 2
    Danish/Canadian gas mask with filter and adjustable straps at the back of the head. This is a novelty mask only and is thus NOT intended for protective use. ..
  • Leather Head Mask Gag
    Preformed mask with nostrils opening and detachable eye and mouth flap. Stretch fabric in the back with zipper. With mouth gag! Black. Material: split leather, latex. ..
  • Puppy Dog Hood
    This dog shaped hood is made of faux black leather, with a zipper crossing the muzzle. The collar has studs and a ring, and the mask laces up at the back. ..
  • Russian Latex Gas Mask
    Original Russian military gas mask with a screw-off filter. Made of black latex. Unused, might be slightly sandy. Note: This mask is non-protective and is intended as novelty only. ..