Res Whips and Paddles


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  • Leather Forked Paddle
    This genuine leather paddle with 4 long flexible forks will stripe sissy up nicely and make his bottom glow a nice rosey red! ..
  • Leather Whip 24 Inches
    Genuine leather whip for the serious Mistress. The biting stings this one will leave is a perfect punishment for the more headstrong Sissy! 34cm long tails (13.5 inches). 16cm long handle (6.5 inches) 10cm long wrist strap (4 inches) Total length 60cm (24 inches)   ..
  • Medium Riding Whip
    Crack this riding whip across your sissy's thighs when giving corrective punishment! See just how quickly he obeys! This is a high quality horse whip made of carbon fibre with a soft handle and tail, the tail measures 22.5 inches while the handle is 7 inches.  ..
  • Medium Rubber Whip
    Made of quality latex, these rubber whips deliver a soft, but stingy sensation. Just enough to remind Sissy who's in charge! ..
  • Round Oval Spanking Paddle
    This is a genuine leather oval shaped punishment paddle with rivet decorated handle, and measures 6 x 2 inch handle and 8 x 5.5 paddle body, for administering full backside punishment when your Sissy misbehaves! ..