Trainer Pants


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  • AB/DL Sissy Satin Diaper Covers
    Gorgeous satin diaper covers to match any baby or maids outfit for that finishing touch. Made from soft silky satin with a waterproof liner Softly elasticated at the waist and legs They come with gorgeous lace frills across the back with a lace v frill to the front and finished with satin ..
  • Gingham Adult Sissy Baby Trainer Pants
    Adult Sissy baby trainer pants made with 3 layers and lots of lace frills on the back and front, to wear by themselves or over your diaper. A lovely addition to your Baby wardrobe! Pretty cotton gingham cover with lots of lace to the back and front Waterproof center layer Thick towelling i..
  • Satin Sissy Adult Baby rhumba panties
    Soft satin and pvc lined Baby rhumba panties with lots of lace and ribbon bows to wear over your nappy. Especially frilly for Sunday best! Outer layer satin with lashings of lace with bows all the way round front to back Middle layer waterproof Inner layer Soft towelling next to your skin ..