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Pink Transparent diaper covers with rubber band at the waist and legs. Press studs on the sides, to open completely. With bag in the crotch for nappiy liners (not included).  In either Rose or Clear

Silicone Breast Pads

Price: £39.99
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2 anatomically shaped silicone pads with nipple. Your breasts will appear 1-2 cups bigger than before. Each one is stored inside a box. Skin-toned. .Please note these are not full breasts and will only inhance your chest 1-2 cups

These push-up pads made of smooth silicone can enlarge your boobs by 1 to 2 cup-sizes. Can be worn discreetly inside the bra. Skin-coloured. 1 pair Please note these are not full breast just fillet sizeand will give a small increase inside your bra

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